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How to place prop bets

In this guide, we will explain how to properly place prop bets if you live in Ohio, including some practical tips.

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Ohio sports betting proprietors offer a wide array of prop or proposition betting markets, and this guide will show the Buckeye State sports bettor how to have a more enjoyable and profitable experience in the Ohio sports betting prop markets.

What are prop bets?

Proposition or prop bets are markets offered on a player's or team's performance, and the bettor has a choice between Over/Under or Yes/NO the bookies' number.

Where to place prop bets

The Ohio sports bettor has an unlimited selection of prop markets available without any restrictions placed on college sports. Ohio punters can place prop bets at one of the online sportsbooks in Ohio or retail locations. Buckeye State bettors can also place prop bets at over 1000 betting kiosks throughout the state.

Different types of prop bets

Ohio sports bettors usually can expect the sportsbooks to offer the following prop markets.

  • Player Props are prop bets based on how an individual player performs, such as how many TD passes a QB will throw or how many hits an MLB player will get during a contest.
  • Game Props are prop bets based on how a team performs, such as how many sacks a defense will record or how many three-point shots a basketball team will make during a sporting event.
  • Novelty/Exotic Props usually are reserved for events like the Super Bowl and usually have nothing to do with the actual game itself, such as how long the National Anthem will last to what color the post-game Gatorade will be.

About betting odds

Sports betting odds measure how much an Ohio sports bettor can win against how much they need to bet to win $100.

Sportsbooks keep the lights on because of the “vig” (vigorish) attached to a wager. To break even, a prop bettor must win 52.4% of their stakes at -110 odds–prop bets rarely feature -110 prices, and a Buckeye State bettor needs to understand how odds work.

What is implied probability?

Implied probability determines the winning percentage of a wager based on the odds offered, including any house edge, and expresses the true odds of a bet.

The Ohio sports bettor determines implied probability by dividing the stake risked by the total payout of the ticket.

Cleveland Browns -3.5 -110
Cincinnati Bengals +3.5 -110

There are two possible outcomes with a 52.4% implied probability of winning. The totals amount to 104.8 %, and a bettor must risk $220 to win $200.

In this instance, the bookies have a 4.8% edge, and it's essential to understand that the odds of winning aren’t in the Ohio sports bettors' favor, but knowing how odds work will significantly enhance the chances of winning at the prop bet markets.

Prop betting tips

Ohio sports bettors have many prop betting markets for most US sporting events.

Baseball prop betting tip

Baseball is a sport with more variance than any other, except tennis. To be successful in MLB betting in Ohio, a savvy Ohio baseball prop bettor studies one or two MLB teams and uses this knowledge to find mistakes made by the bookies.

Example–Player “A” is a Cleveland Guardians fan and knows 1B Josh Naylor hasn’t had a hit in his last 12 at-bats. Player “A” knows Naylor is a lifetime .253 hitter and sees the sportsbook offering Naylor +135 to get at least one hit. The odds might be against it, but Naylor is bound to get a hit, and this knowledge gives the Buckeye State bettor an edge.

Basketball prop betting tip

Basketball prop bets can be highly profitable, and Ohio sports bettors would consider the same things as they would for baseball.

A perfect example of this comes from a Devin Booker prop bet we suggested based on Booker’s shooting woes from beyond the arc, along with the benefits of playing alongside Kevin Durant. +158 was worth taking the risk on Booker draining three triples, and that play only happened due to following the Phoenix Suns daily.

Football prop betting tip

Football is a matchup-based game, and that is the reason NFL betting in Ohio is so exciting. A sharp Ohio sports bettor will use the Vegas game lines as a guide to lead them to the best props with more excellent value.

For example–Cincinnati is a +3 underdog against Cleveland, but the total is 50.5. The total suggests the oddsmakers see points being scored and Bengals QB Joe Burrow playing from a deficit. Burrow is one of the top arms in the NFL with exceptional wideouts, and the Ohio bettor would take that knowledge and look for either a passing TD prop or maybe a WR prop at (+) money.

Hockey prop betting tip

NHL betting props are a good way to increase the Ohio sports bettors' bankroll, but a thorough knowledge of the game is required.

A solid hockey props bet strategy would be to closely follow one or two NHL teams and look for players in a goal-scoring slump. The ideal slumping hockey player will average 3-5 shots per game and skate on the top power play line against a struggling goaltender.


Are Prop bets profitable?

Yes, prop bets are profitable, but a thorough understanding of the sport and the various prop markets available are tantamount to success.

Where to wager on prop bets in Ohio?

Prop markets are available at all the online or retail Ohio sportsbooks, along with 1000+ betting kiosks scattered throughout the Buckeye State.

Can Ohio bettors wager on the 2024 US Presidential Election?

Yes, Ohio bettors can wager on the 2024 US Presidential Election.