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Online horse betting in Ohio is the most popular way to wager, with simulcast wagering accounting for almost 85% of the state’s handle.

Here, we’ve detailed some of the top online horse race betting operators, as well as laid out what bets you can make, how to place a wager, how to understand betting odds, and more. Let’s get started!

Best Ohio online horse betting sites

Ohio has several great online horse betting sites to choose from. Here is a full list of the best Ohio online horse betting sites with some details about a few of our favorites.

🏇 FanDuel Racing Ohio ⭐ Integrated sports and horse race betting with live coverage
🏇 TwinSpires Ohio ⭐ Nation's widest-reaching horse racing platform
🏇 TVG Ohio ⭐ Industry veteran with advanced technology

FanDuel Racing Ohio Logo

FanDuel Racing Ohio

FanDuel’s horse racebook operates as an extension of the company’s sports betting and daily fantasy sports operations. It was the first platform to fully integrate its horse race betting and sports wagering platforms into a single app and website.

The partnership with Churchill Downs is a massive boon for FanDuel Racing, making the platform one of the most-used for online sports betting. FanDuel also operates FanDuel TV to provide live coverage of both U.S.-based and international horse races.

TwinSpires Ohio Logo

TwinSpires Ohio

Another popular advance deposit wagering platform, TwinSpires opened in 2006 at Churchill Downs. It is currently legal in 39 states including Ohio, making it the widest-reaching horse racing platform in the country.

TwinSpires used to operate a casino and sports betting operation, though it has since shut these verticals down to focus on horse race betting. The platform features daily pari-mutuel wagering on races from all over the world.

TVG Ohio Logo

TVG Ohio

TVG launched in 1999, but in 2018, Paddy Power Betfair, the previous owner of TVG, merged with FanDuel.

Because of its longstanding history as an online horse betting powerhouse, TVG still operates its own platform, though the backend software comes from FanDuel.

Yes, online horse betting is legal in Ohio. Buckeye State residents and visitors were first able to make online horse wagers in 2000 following changes to the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978 to allow for electronic racing bets.

Not only is online horse betting legal, but also it is largely the preferred way to wager. In 2022, only $16.9 million of Ohio’s $109.23 million horse race betting handle came from on-track wagers (15.4%). These numbers follow a national trend of moving away from on-track betting and toward simulcast and online wagers.

Which types of promos do horse betting sites in Ohio offer?

Horse betting sites in Ohio tend to offer various promotions throughout the year even when local races aren’t in season as simulcast racing opens the door to year-round racing. Here are a few of the most popular Ohio horse race betting promos you’ll find on the platforms.

  • Second-chance bets: One of the most common promos as a welcome bonus offer is a second-chance bet. With this promo, bettors are able to make their first wager at the racing site and receive some percentage of their stake back if the bet settles as a loss. For example, if one of the sites offers a bonus bet up to $200 and you wager that amount on Horse A to win the race outright, you would receive $200 in bet credits if that horse doesn’t win.
  • Win bet insurance: Usually available for returning players, win bet insurance awards bet credits (usually capped at $5-10) for those who placed a win bet but saw that horse place or show (finishing second or third).
  • Deposit matches: This promo type is a bit less common than the other two but its benefits make it a horse bettor’s favorite. When funding your racebook account, the platform will award bet credits typically at a 100% match rate to the amount of your deposit as part of this promo.

How to get started betting on Ohio horse race betting sites

It is simple and straightforward to get started betting on Ohio horse race betting sites. Though you may see slight variations in the overall process depending on the racebook, the general steps you’ll need to take will look something like this.

  1. Use a referral link or bonus code where applicable: To make things easy for you, we’ve linked to the Ohio horse race betting sites earlier in this piece. Clicking the links in the appropriate sections will take you directly to the registration page for the given racebook(s) where you are trying to sign up and will autofill a bonus code if needed to guarantee the best available welcome bonus.
  2. Set up your account credentials: Once you’re on the registration page, you’ll need to set up your login details. This typically consists of just an email address and password, though some sites may require you to come up with a unique username. You may also need to choose from a list of security questions and answer them, adding an extra layer of protection to your account.
  3. Enter your identification information: Next, you’ll need to verify that you are of legal age and eligible to bet in Ohio. To do this, you’ll need to enter your legal name, date of birth, home address, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Finalize the registration: Before you’re able to make your bets, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions of service by checking a box on the form. You may also need to agree to the privacy policy and affirm that the information you submitted is complete and accurate. Failure to provide accurate information may result in a soft ban from the racebook until the operator is able to verify your identity. When you’re done, click “Submit.”
  5. Make a deposit and place your bets: Finally, use an approved payment method to fund your horse race betting account. You are welcome to deposit a wide range of amounts, though there are typically minimums and maximums that vary based on your deposit option. Be sure the amount you deposit allows you to make the most effective use of the welcome bonus possible on the platform.

Types of wagers you can place on horses in Ohio

Horse race bets are broken up into two types: straight bets and exotic wagers. Here are a few examples and explanations of the types of wagers you can place on horses in Ohio.

Straight Bets

  • Win: The win bet is the most straightforward wager you can make at a racebook. This type of wager is simply the horse you think will win the race.
  • Place: A place bet allows you to win your wager even if the horse you picked finishes second. This type of bet covers a finish in either of the top two spots, though this extra chance to win results in a lower payout than for a win bet.
  • Show: Similar to the place bet, a show bet pays out if your preferred horse finishes anywhere in the top three. Payouts are lower than for a place bet, but depending on the odds this can still be a profitable and valuable wager to make.

Exotic Wagers

  • Exacta: Betting an exacta requires you to pick two horses to finish at the top of the pack. You can choose either a true exacta (where the order of finish matters) or a box exacta where the horses can finish in either order.
  • Trifecta: Building on the framework of an exacta, the trifecta is one of the most challenging types of horse race wagers you can make, but it also has some of the highest payouts for winning bets. A trifecta wager requires you to pick the top three finishers in the race; like the exacta, you can also box the trifecta to win your bet regardless of the order of the top three as long as the horses were picked correctly.
  • Superfecta: Are you seeing a pattern here? Superfectas are wagers on the correct order of the top four finishers. It can be expensive to construct a betting slip around a superfecta given the potential variances in the order of finish for the top four racers, so most racebooks will allow you to place wagers as low as $0.10 on superfectas (the minimum wager for straight bets is $2 on most platforms). Even at low stakes, superfectas can be quite profitable when they hit.

Who can wager on horses in Ohio?

You can wager on horses in Ohio if you are at least 18 years of age. You do not need to be an Ohio resident, as long as you are physically located within state borders.

If you are wagering online, you will need to create a horse race betting account in advance. If you’re planning to place your bet in person, you will need a photo ID on hand or you won’t be permitted to make your wagers.

What kinds of horse races are there to bet on?

There are three kinds of horse races that are typically available to bet on in Ohio: thoroughbred, harness, and quarter horse.

  • Thoroughbred races: Thoroughbred races are those which feature the thoroughbred breed of horse. The horses typically can trace lineage to three stallions that were imported to England in the 17th and 18th centuries and/or to a larger foundation of mares from the same time periods. Thoroughbred races usually cover a distance between four and 12 furlongs (just under half a mile to 1.5 miles). The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes are all examples of thoroughbred races.
  • Harness races: While thoroughbred races feature a jockey riding on the horse’s back, harness races see the horse pulling its rider in a two-wheeled cart. They also run at a slower pace than thoroughbred races. Ohio harness races feature standardbred horses.
  • Quarter horse races: Quarter horses excel at short-distance sprinting. The name alludes to the proficiency of the breed in covering quarter-mile distances, with speeds over the shorter distance allowing them to reach higher maximums than thoroughbreds usually run.

Horse racing odds explained

Horse racing odds can seem a bit tricky to understand and can trip up new bettors. However, they are often expressed in the way that is easiest to convert and calculate your winnings.

For example, you may see the odds for three horses listed at 3-2 for Horse A, 10-1 for Horse B, and 20-1 for Horse C. In these cases, the number before the dash represents the value of a winning wager while the number after the dash indicates the value of the stake needed to win the first number.

If Horse A wins the race, you’ll win $3 for every $2 you wagered; thus, a $10 stake would win $15. Similarly, if Horse B won, you’d receive $10 for every dollar in the stake, so a $10 stake wins $100 (and for Horse C, $10 stake at 20-1 wins $200).

Remember that with fixed odds wagering, you’ll be able to calculate a potential payout as soon as your bet is in. However, for pari-mutuel wagering, the odds may shift after you’ve placed your bet, but you’ll still be able to calculate the payout before the race (once the book stops accepting wagers).

Which banking options do most OH horse betting sites accept?

Most OH horse betting sites will accept the following banking options to finance your wagers and withdraw your winnings.

  • Online banking
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Debit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Play+
  • Check (sent through USPS)
  • Wire transfer
  • EZ Money

Credit cards can be used to fund your horse race betting account but they cannot be used for withdrawals. You will only be able to withdraw winnings as cash if you go in-person (have a government-issued photo ID on hand if you plan to go that route).

Horse race tracks and OTB locations in Ohio

Ohio is home to seven horse race tracks but only one off-track betting (OTB) location.

Horse race tracks

Off-track betting


When was horse race betting legalized in Ohio?

Horse race betting was first legalized in Ohio in 1933. Expansion in 2021 then allowed for off-track betting at the state’s racinos. OH bettors can now wager in-person, at off-track betting venues, and online through horse race betting apps.

Do all horse betting sites in Ohio offer bonuses?

No, horse betting sites in Ohio don’t always offer bonuses, but most will have some sort of bonus in place for new players. Bonuses for returning bettors may not be as common, but they do exist, in some cases as part of a loyalty program.

Are live streams of horse races available on Ohio betting sites?

Yes, live streams of horse races are available on Ohio betting sites. You will typically be able to watch races via simulcasting, though full video feeds may not always be viable.

Are winnings from online horse race betting taxable in Ohio?

Yes, winnings from online horse race betting are taxable in Ohio. Horse race betting winnings are considered income and are subject to standard income tax rates.