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As gambling has become more popular all over the US, several online casinos are in healthy competition to provide players with the best experience. While online casinos are not legal in Ohio yet, it is likely that the state will follow other states and legalize them at some point in the future.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry
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Online casinos are not yet legal in Ohio. However, once they are legalized, we expect them to be massively popular. The 11 land-based casinos and racinos in Ohio generate more than $2B in revenue annually, and online casinos will only cause that number to increase.

Best Ohio online casinos we expect to launch

If launches in other states were an indication of things to come, we would expect Ohio to have the following online casino operations once the state goes live. This list is based on the sportsbooks and casinos that already operate in the state:

🎰 BetRivers Casino Ohio ⭐ Excellent loyalty program
🎰 DraftKings Casino Ohio ⭐ Wide range of table games
🎰 FanDuel Casino Ohio ⭐ User-friendly mobile app
🎰 PointsBet Casino Ohio ⭐ Innovative betting options

BetRivers casino Ohio

BetRivers Casino was formed out of the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. The online operator was one of the first Ohio sportsbooks to launch in Ohio, and being a neighboring state to Pennsylvania, this seems like a natural fit.

DraftKings Casino Ohio

Despite DraftKings’ major presence in the sports betting and daily fantasy sports industries, its casino is only authorized in five states. This may be a little more of a longshot to launch on Day One when online casinos are legal, but DraftKings is certainly on the table.

FanDuel Casino Ohio

FanDuel holds the biggest share of Ohio’s sports betting market, and as the operator moves into the casino space, it continues to shine. Given the integration between the casino, sportsbook, and racebook in other states, we would think FanDuel can take an early hold if it is ready at the launch date and dominate the Buckeye State.

PointsBet Casino Ohio

Partnered with Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley, PointsBet is an Australian-based operator that has steadily expanded its U.S. footprint. The casino has a slightly more limited slot selection than the others on this list, but you’ll also find the live casino, table games, and video poker to be worth your time.

Other online casinos that may launch in Ohio

  • bet365 Casino
  • BetMGM Casino
  • Betfred Casino
  • betJACK Casino
  • betPARX Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • Caesars Casino
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • Stardust Casino
  • Tipico Casino

How to sign up for an online casino in Ohio

While you can’t sign up for an online casino today, there are a few steps you’ll need to take once the casinos go live before you’re able to play. These steps mirror those in other states where online casinos are already permitted and operating.

  1. Make sure you’re playing with a legitimate online casino. If you aren’t sure, check in with OHBetting.com, where we will only list legally licensed operators
  2. Enter the promotional/referral code (you’ll be able to find them on this site as well).
  3. Create a username and password.
  4. Type in your personal information, including your legal name, email address, mailing address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  5. Agree to the terms of service.
  6. Make your initial deposit and start playing.

Online casino games in Ohio

When choosing where to play in Ohio, good online casinos will have a wide variety of games so there’s something that will pique your interest regardless of your past playing experiences. They’ll also continue to innovate with new offerings or variations of the games you can play.


Slots are a casino staple as there are so many different thematic elements in game creation. Whether it’s a classic game with the fruit, suit, and bar icons, a movie theme such as the wild west or Jurassic Park, or a fantasy theme with dragons and ogres, the visual elements around the game can cause a game to fail or flourish in popularity.

The aim of slot games is to have the reels stop on the paylines you’ve selected to hit massive payouts. You can decide how many paylines to play in advance, with paylines costing as little as $0.01 to as much as $100.


Also known as “21,” the goal of blackjack is to try to come up with the highest card total that beats the dealer but doesn’t go over a total of 21. When playing with what is known as “basic strategy,” blackjack can be one of the most player-friendly games in terms of expected win percentage. The important thing is to work together with the other players at the table - you’re all trying to beat the dealer, so having a higher hand than other players isn’t as important as trying to stick the dealer with higher cards to go over 21.


Baccarat players get to bet on one of three outcomes for which hand has the best value: the player, the dealer, or a tie where the hands have equal value. Bets are placed before the cards are dealt. Aces are worth one point, cards 2-9 match the face value of the card, and 10-K all have a value of “0.” The winning hand is the hand with a total value closest to “9.”

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots can be difficult to win but often have some of the largest payouts with potential winnings into the millions of dollars. You can win smaller amounts as you play, but if you manage to hit the jackpot, you’ll be a fortunate individual!

Live dealer games

When playing live dealer games, you’ll get the chance to interact with a dealer as though you were at a physical casino. With high-def cameras, you’ll be able to get multiple angles of the action at the table for a more immersive experience.


Another casino classic, roulette involves predicting where you think a ball will land on a spinning wheel, numbered from 0-36. Colors alternate red and black for each number with two green numbers (“0” and “00”) on opposite ends of the wheel. You can bet on the color, number range, or number value of the slot the ball falls into with scaled payouts based on the odds of your bet.

For example, betting the ball will land in slot 17 will pay out at a much higher rate than predicting the ball will land in a black slot, even though this same landing would be a winning bet either way on most wheels.

Other online casino games

Beyond the games listed above, many casinos have taken to offering bingo among their games. Entry into exclusive bingo games can be a loyalty perk for returning players. You may also find other games such as keno, craps, scratch cards, and solitaire versions of poker, among an abundance of others.

Deposit and withdrawal methods for online casinos in Ohio

One of the best ways to determine a quality online casino, other than ensuring licensure and a wide array of games, is to see how many types of transaction methods are available. If you’re limited to only one deposit and withdrawal method, that can be offputting and drive players away. Here are the most common methods you can expect for online casinos in Ohio:

Credit and debit cards

Nearly every online casino will accept credit and debit cards for deposits, especially if it’s a Visa or Mastercard. Some will take Discover, but this is not a guarantee, so be sure to check with the operator before you try to fund your account. Furthermore, some casinos will let you withdraw your winnings directly to your debit card, but they may not be equipped to do so for your credit card.

Virtual wallets

Virtual wallets are becoming more prevalent among online gaming enterprises. Using sites such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Skrill gives users an extra layer of security between their online casino and their personal bank accounts, though we should note that licensed online casinos already have incredibly strict security standards to keep your personal and banking information safe and secure. This option is more for convenience, but it can also give users some extra peace of mind when making their transactions.

Prepaid cards

One of the best ways to practice responsible gaming is to use a prepaid card, especially a Play+ Card, PaySafeCard, or a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. By using a prepaid card, there are already limits on how much you can spend (though you can reload the card if you wish in some instances). Cards may also be FDIC insured, though you’ll need to verify that information when selecting a card to use.

What to look for in an Ohio online casino

Before deciding where to play, gamblers should look for the following factors at Ohio online casinos:

Game selection

Oftentimes, the wider the game selection the online casino offers, the better. More games mean more ways to win. It also means you’re more likely to find a game you enjoy so you’ll keep coming back to play again.

Diverse payment options

Good online casinos should always make player banking easy, and having diverse payment options is usually a sign that the operator can handle account financing quickly and safely.


It’s always worth your time to read a few reviews before playing at online casinos. Once Ohio launches, OHBetting.com will review all the licensed operators here for your convenience.


Whether it’s a welcome bonus for new players or great promotions for returning players, the best Ohio casinos will have a strong bonus program that changes frequently. We’ll also have a list of active Ohio casino bonuses once the state goes live.


Having a website or betting app that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually appealing are all important features for a successful and worthwhile online casino. Which casino is the most pleasant to the eye will vary from player to player, and games may look different on a mobile device than on your computer. Try things out to see what works best for you!

Customer support

Our hope is that you would never have to reach out to customer service for any support. In many cases, online casinos will have an extensive section of FAQs, an online chat portal, a phone number listed, and more. As with the game selections, the greater the number of support channels, the better.

Safety and security

Licensed casinos will be held to rigorous cybersecurity and safety standards. Additionally, they will provide resources for players who are struggling with problem gambling. If you ever feel unsafe at an online casino or feel your account has been compromised, stop playing and reach out to the operator immediately.

Benefits of playing at an online casino in Ohio

There are dozens of benefits to playing at an online casino in Ohio. Here, we’ve listed some of the top advantages online casinos offer.

  • Low stakes - Online casinos usually offer lower stakes than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.
  • Convenience - You can play casino games anywhere and at any time.
  • Bonuses - Online betting platforms provide more bonuses than physical casinos which can mean more money for you in the long run.
  • Game choice - Because they aren’t limited by available floor space, online casinos can have a much larger selection of games to play.

Online casino legislation in Ohio

Section 2915 of the Ohio Code criminalizes participation in unlicensed bookmaking and playing games of chance for livelihood. This code doesn't refer to online play, but the fact that online casinos are not explicitly legal means that no Ohio gambling site will be granted a license until this law changes. There is no active bill to legalize it in Ohio at this moment in time.


What age will I need to be to play at an online casino in Ohio?

When Ohio legalizes online casinos, you will likely need to be 21 years old to play. The six states that have legalized online casinos also have an age requirement of 21, so it’s logical Ohio would follow suit.

Will online casinos in Ohio be safe to play on?

Online casinos in Ohio will be safe to play on once the state legalizes and launches them. The Ohio Casino Control Commission oversees casinos and sports betting, so they would likely take over online casino regulation and enforcement as well. With the required security and gaming standards needed for licensure, you can trust Ohio’s licensed online casinos.

Which online casino in Ohio will be the best?

When Ohio launches online casinos, the one that is “the best” will be a matter of personal preference; however, casinos that hope to claim that title will need to have a wide selection of games, a good variety of payment options, and a good welcome promos.

Fact checked by: Gary Garry