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Having fully embraced the industry in recent years, Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio has been legal since 2017 with all the major operators setting up shop in the Buckeye State. Let’s take a deeper look at all things Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Ohio.

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Yes, DFS was first proposed in Ohio in 2016 by then-governor John Kasich, with the HB 132 bill passing into law in December 2017. At the time, Ohio became the 18th state to fully make DFS legal, passing both the House and Senate in a landslide vote before being signed by the governor.

Fantasy sports in the state are regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC), and compared to other states, it is relatively cheap for companies to operate in the DFS space. One unique aspect of DFS’s legality in Ohio is that the OCCC prohibits auto-drafting of DFS lineups, as well as some prop-themed DFS contests.

According to the commission, these were put in place to minimize luck and ensure that the Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio didn’t venture into the (at the time) illegal gambling industry.

Best DFS betting sites in Ohio

As legal sports betting didn't come to Ohio until early 2023, Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio had a head start in enticing customers with their competitive daily contests. Let’s take a look at the best DFS betting sites in Ohio.

DraftKings Ohio


The undisputed leader in the DFS industry, DraftKings was one of the first Daily Fantasy Sports companies in Ohio, actually beginning their advertising before DFS was even legal in Ohio. Starting their DFS business all the way back in 2012, DraftKings DFS has been perfected over the years and has the most options in the industry in terms of sports, leagues, and unique daily contests. Their DraftKings DFS mobile app is also amongst the best in the industry.

FanDuel Ohio


Even before DraftKings DFS was launched FanDuel DFS was the first major Daily Fantasy Sports operator in the country, coming to market in 2009. Also offering a huge range of contests and different sports leagues, FanDuel is second only to DraftKings in terms of reach and gold-standard reputation. FanDuel also offers an intuitive mobile app, available for both Android and iOS users. Now up and running in 44 states, FanDuel is also in the gold standard category when it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio.

Underdog Logo

Underdog Fantasy

If you are a DFS player in Ohio looking to avoid one of the bigger names in the market, Underdog Fantasy offers plenty of daily contests in a wide range of sports. Uniquely, Underdog Fantasy also offers simple pick’em games, where you just pick who will win games on a given day or in a given week. With plans announced recently to join the sports betting industry, watch out for Underdog Fantasy to expand its footprint in the coming years.

Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo Daily Fantasy

Long known for its solid season-long fantasy platform, Yahoo ventured into the DFS space back in 2015 and has since seen steady growth. Yahoo DFS offers daily fantasy contests on the MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA, with guaranteed contests, group games, 50/50s, and head-to-head games. Offering a very clean look on their desktop site, the same friendly user interfaces carry over onto their mobile app as well.

Getting started with Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio

If you’re ready to start your Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio journey, we’ve broken down all the steps you need to get going. Let’s take a look at how to get started with DFS in Ohio.

  1. Claim bonus: Start by clicking the “Get Bonus” button at the top of this page to be redirected to the DFS site. From there, your bonus will automatically be applied to your account.
  2. Sign up: Once you are redirected to the Daily Fantasy Sports site in Ohio, you’ll be asked to enter your desired login credentials such as email, username, password, and phone number.
  3. Confirm your identity: From here, you’ll be asked to enter your full legal name, date of birth, and home address, and then click “Verify Identity.”
  4. Terms and conditions: Check the boxes to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policies, and consent for DraftKings to collect information.
  5. Fund account: With your account now fully set up and validated, it’s time to deposit funds into your account. Select the payment method that best suits your needs, and deposit money into your account.

What types of DFS leagues can I bet on in Ohio?

For DFS players in Ohio, there is something for everyone with no shortage of DFS leagues in the state. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular sports for DFS leagues you can bet on in Ohio.

  • MLB: With Ohio home to both the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds, DFS users in the state can enter daily contests all summer long that can feature both. From spring training through the postseason, DFS operators in Ohio offer daily MLB contests.
  • NFL: Just like in sports betting, the NFL reigns king when it comes to volume of money on the line during the season. DFS players in Ohio can include players from both the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals in their weekly NFL DFS lineups.
  • UFC: A personal favorite, DFS in Ohio offers UFC DFS on every weekly card. One of the fastest growing sports in DFS, Ohio DFS players can take advantage of the increasing number of UFC contests offered each week.
  • NHL: While it might not get the same amount of advertising of the other leagues, the NHL has plenty of DFS contests to choose from in Ohio. Players from the Columbus Blue Jackets are available in all contests for players from the Buckeye State to choose from.
  • NBA: Last, but certainly not least, the NBA has an increasing number of DFS contests in Ohio, as one of the state’s most popular sports. Seemingly always in contention come the postseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers are featured prominently on Daily Fantasy Sports on Ohio sites.

Advice for playing Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio

Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio continues to grow in popularity each and every year, with every new sports league season that passes by. Taking a general angle on all DFS, let’s look at some of our top advice for playing Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio.

  • Use promo offers: With so much competition in the state, each DFS operator in Ohio offers welcome bonuses to new players. Make sure to take advantage of the best ones, which you can find at the top of this page, taking into account the terms and conditions of each.
  • Risk consistent amounts: Just like in sports betting, DFS winning days can come and go. Don’t chase on days you are down, or get too confident on days you are up. The pendulum always swings.
  • Be aware of contest scoring: When you are researching and ultimately building your lineup, make sure you are keenly aware of how points are scored. Not all contests are made the same, and some have different ways of scoring than others.
  • Join forums: Whether it be on Reddit or dedicated DFS sites, joining forums and becoming part of the DFS community can make playing them more fun, as well as allow you to pick up some knowledge along the way.

Timeline of Daily Fantasy Sports Legislation in Ohio

At the time, it was a rather short road to Daily Fantasy Sports legislation in Ohio, especially in comparison to the challenges sports betting legislation has seen in recent years. Let’s take a look at how things unfolded to get DFS legalized in Ohio.

  • 2015: National DFS operators FanDuel and DraftKings began advertising in the states, urging Ohioans to join their site in preparation of official legislation.
  • 2016: The Ohio Attorney General issued a memorandum stating that daily fantasy sports violate several laws. Months later, SB 356 was introduced to, for the first time, classify fantasy sports under gambling laws. Fortunately for DFS in Ohio, that bill ultimately died before reaching the governor's desk.
  • 2017: Ohio lawmakers introduced HB 132, a bill that would legalize Daily Fantasy Sports in Ohio and bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue. It passed the House and Senate with ease, being signed by Governor John Kasich in December 2017.
  • 2019: The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) put in rules to not allow auto-drafting of lineups and player prop fantasy contests, with the goal of limiting chance as much as possible, steering clear of any form of gambling.


What is the difference between DFS and Ohio sports betting?

The difference between DFS and Ohio sports betting comes down to how the two are defined. DFS is defined as a game of skill, as well as competition against other players (not the house). Sports betting, on the other hand, is considered gambling, where you are betting against the house, and as such requires different legislation to legally enter a state.

Do you have to pay taxes on Daily Fantasy Sports winnings in OH?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on Daily Fantasy Sports winnings in OH, starting with the 25% federal tax. For further information on how your gambling winnings are taxed in Ohio, you should consult with a tax professional.

When was DFS legalized in Ohio?

DFS was legalized in Ohio officially in December 2017.