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Ohio online casino bonuses

On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about Ohio online casino bonuses including the current legal status of online casinos in Ohio, the different online casino bonuses to expect, and much more.

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Despite brick-and-mortar casinos going live in Ohio in 2012 (legislation passed in 2009) and online sports betting going live in January 2023, legislation has not yet been passed in the state to allow for legal online casinos.

Thanks to the success of online sports betting in Ohio, however, many in the Buckeye State believe it is just a matter of time before online casinos make their way to state lines.

Currently, residents of Ohio who wish to legally gamble online at top operators such as BetMGM Casino or BetRivers Casino must cross into Pennsylvania, Michigan, or West Virginia to enjoy the benefits.

Though there is no definitive timeline for Ohio online casinos, you should still be positioned to take advantage of the Ohio online casino bonuses when operations do launch in the state.

Continue reading for more of what to expect.

Best Ohio online casino bonuses

Based on what we have seen in neighboring states such as Michigan, we can make some reasonable assumptions of what kind of online casino bonuses to expect when legislation ultimately does pass in Ohio. Take a look below at the best Ohio online casino bonuses to anticipate for the fateful day Ohioans can play their favorite casino games legally online.

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When will you be able to claim Ohio online casino bonuses?

With online sports betting officially launching on January 1, 2023, many gamblers in the state of Ohio found a new sense of optimism that online casinos will be next. In terms of when you will be able to claim Ohio online casino bonuses? The answer, unfortunately, is “hopefully soon.”

As of early 2024, there are no publicly active bills in the Ohio House or Senate that voters can point to, but given the surge in tax revenue neighboring states are seeing, it only makes sense that one might be around the corner.

For gamblers who need their casino fix, there are now 11 active casinos spread throughout the state surrounding the most populated metropolitan areas including Cleveland, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Columbus, and Toledo. Included in that count of 11 casinos are the state’s seven racinos, which in addition to Video Lottery Terminals, also have horse racing tracks that are open from early spring to fall and offer no shortage of gambling action.

Types of Ohio online casino bonuses we expect to see after legalization

Looking at some of Ohio’s neighboring states where online casinos are currently legal, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, we can make some educated guesses on what we’ll see in Ohio. Below are a few types of Ohio online casino bonuses we expect to see after legalization.

  • Welcome Bonus: Every Ohio online casino bonus menu will contain at least one welcome bonus, which can feature a variety of offers contained in one. While any of the below bonus types may be included, the welcome bonus is typically a one-time offer and for new customers only.
  • No Deposit Bonus: The no deposit bonus is typically rare amongst legal online casinos, but as the name implies, gives players a bonus (site credit) simply for registering an account. The amounts are typically low, and can only be used on certain games within the casino that have a low risk for the site such as particular video slot machines.
  • Match Bonus: The most common feature of a welcome bonus, an Ohio online casino will match the amount you deposit, up to a certain amount, and give you that amount in bonus bets. Typically, the match bonus only applies to your initial deposit, and the online casino will match you a certain percentage, typically 100%.
  • Reload Bonus: The reload bonus is for existing customers and those who have already made at least one deposit on their site. Most commonly, the reload bonus will be a type of match bonus, giving you bonus bets based on the size of your deposit at the time.
  • Free Spins: If you are an online casino player who lives video slots, this will be your favorite type of bonus. Free spins give players the ability to play certain online video slots for free, and can typically come as part of the welcome bonus or ad-hoc based on particular promotions on certain games. Free spins are also a great way to test out a video slot, without having to risk real funds to do so.
  • Cash Back: A cash back promo is typically put in place by an online casino during certain times of the day and week. For example, an online casino in Ohio might offer cash-back happy hours where from 5 PM to 9 PM on weekdays, they give you 5% cash back on all money wagered in the form of bonus bets. Essentially, you can look at this as a form of refund for all losses accrued when playing particular online casino games such as video slots.

How could you claim an Ohio online casino bonus?

With Ohio online casinos just a matter of time, residents of the Buckeye State should be well-positioned to take advantage of the welcome offers when they do launch. Take a look below at how to claim an Ohio online casino bonus when things go live in the coming years.

  1. Get a Welcome Bonus: Every Ohio online casino that launches will have some form of a welcome offer to entice new customers to sign up for accounts. Return here to OHBetting.com and look for the “Get Bonus” buttons at all the top Ohio online casinos to find them. Upon clicking the link, you’ll be sent to the online casino registration page for that operator, and the welcome offer will automatically be applied to your account.
  2. Login Credentials: Once your bonus is selected and you're sent to the Ohio version of the online casino, you’ll be asked to enter your login credentials. This will include everything from a username, email address, and password.
  3. Legal Information: From here, enter all of the legal information that the online casino requires. This will include your first and last name, home address, phone number, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Terms and Conditions: Each online casino in Ohio will have site and state-specific terms and conditions for you to agree to. Any privacy policies put in place by the site will also be listed here, in addition to any marketing materials they are trying to send you. Check all the boxes that apply to finish your registration.
  5. Fund Your Account: Your Ohio online casino account is now registered and your bonus is automatically applied to your account. Choose one of the plethora of available banking methods, and deposit your funds. Make sure you are aware of any terms and conditions put in place for your promo to make sure you meet the requirements when depositing initially.

Advice for using OH online casino bonuses

When used properly, OH online casino bonuses can be a great tool in your arsenal of online wagering. Based on years of experience using them, below is some advice for using OH online casino bonuses in the best possible way.

  • Free Spins: As discussed above, many OH online casino bonuses will involve free spins at select video slots. Using these is a great way to try out a video slot to ensure you know how it works, without having to risk (and lose) real money right out of the gates.
  • Multiple Accounts: Because multiple OH online casinos will go live at once, each will be competing with each other for new customers. With that in mind, each online casino in Ohio will offer lucrative terms in their welcome bonus, putting you in a position to take advantage of each and maximize your potential earnings.
  • Responsible Gaming: With so many options when it comes to new online casinos in Ohio and their associated bonuses, the temptation will be there to do too much at once. Make sure you take your time and are aware of the risks involved when playing online casino games. If it all becomes too much and you find yourself gambling with more than you can afford to lose, make sure to know when to walk away from the screen.

Will it be safe to claim online casino bonuses in Ohio?

Yes, it will be safe to claim online casino bonuses in Ohio, as all online casinos will likely be regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, just as their brick-and-mortar counterparts are. Unlike offshore casinos, which have no regulation or oversight whatsoever domestically, Ohio online casinos will be backed and secured by the State of Ohio.

When claiming an online casino bonus, the key is to make sure you are meeting all the requirements put forth in the terms and conditions of the given offer. For example, many of the online casino bonuses in Ohio will have a requirement of a certain amount deposited, as well as a timeline for how long you have to use the bonus bets distributed to your account.


Should I claim online casino bonuses on offshore casinos in Ohio?

No, you should never claim online casino bonuses on offshore casinos in Ohio, as offshore sites are not regulated by any U.S. state (or federal) government. Because their servers are located in faraway places, offshore of the U.S., there is no jurisdiction to protect you.

Which online casinos will offer the most attractive bonuses in Ohio?

While the jury is still out on which online casinos will make their way to Ohio once legislation passes, based on what we see in nearby states that have legalized online casinos, we can make some assumptions. As of 2024, BetRivers Casino and Caesars Online Casino offer the most attractive bonuses.

Will I be able use multiple bonuses at once in Ohio online casinos?

Typically, you can only use one bonus at a time at a particular casino, especially when it comes to welcome bonuses. That said, if you have accounts at multiple Ohio online casinos, you can use them independently at once, as they do not communicate with each other.

Will I be able to opt-out of receiving bonuses at Ohio online casinos?

Yes, to opt-out of receiving bonuses at Ohio online casinos, don’t enter any promo codes or opt-in to anything. By doing nothing, you’ll automatically be opted out of bonuses at Ohio online casinos.