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The Cincinnati Reds had a rollercoaster of a 2023 campaign, at times looking like the hottest team in baseball while at others struggling to score more than one run in a game. Most sportsbooks are offering the Reds with the third-best odds to win the National League Central Division in 2024, but this could be solid betting value if Cincinnati can return to form and make a push for the playoffs.

On this page, you’ll find the latest Cincinnati Reds odds for their upcoming games and season-long wagers (futures bets). You’ll also learn about how to watch the Reds play and brush up on the team's history.

Steps for betting on the Cincinnati Reds on a sports betting site in Ohio

You can begin betting on the Cincinnati Reds using a sports betting site in Ohio by following these steps:

  1. Research Ohio sportsbooks: At OHBetting.com, we aim to provide you with the most fair, beneficial, and accurate betting news and information we can. On our website, you’ll find detailed reviews of all legal, licensed Ohio sportsbooks, including details about their websites, mobile apps, promo information and bonus codes, banking methods, and an overall score of the bookie based on five key metrics.
  2. Complete your sportsbook registration: Within those reviews mentioned above, we’ve included links to the registration forms for the approved betting operators. We’ve also listed the applicable bonus codes so you can maximize your welcome offer and start your betting journey on as profitable a note as possible.
  3. Decide on a banking method: When choosing which sportsbooks to use, one important factor to consider is what banking methods the bookmaker utilizes. Typically, the easiest way to collect your winnings is through the same method you used to make a deposit. Remember to deposit an amount that helps you maximize your welcome bonus while still being within your financial means.
  4. Spend time researching the odds and matchups: There’s no set amount of time you should spend researching before making your wagers, but it’s always important to have as much accurate information as possible so you can feel comfortable making your bets.
  5. Shop the odds for the best deal: Think of sportsbooks like car dealerships; they may carry many of the same vehicles (or betting markets) but the prices (or odds) may be a bit different depending on where you’re buying (or wagering). Taking a few minutes to find the best deal for your wager will lead to a more profitable gambling venture as you string wins together, even if the differences in odds are rather small.

Bet types that are available for the Cincinnati Reds

You’ll find an abundance of bet types available for the Cincinnati Reds when gambling through any of the Ohio sports betting sites. Here are some of the most common offerings.

  • Moneyline/Run line bets: Moneyline bets are wagers on which team will win the game straight-up; it doesn’t matter how many runs they win by or whether the game goes to extra innings. Run line bets are similar, but they handicap the betting favorite by requiring them to win by a certain number of runs. For example, if the Reds were favorites by 1.5 on the run line against the Cleveland Guardians, Cincinnati would need to beat Cleveland by at least two runs for a run line bet to win (a bet on the Guardians in that scenario would pay out if Cleveland won outright OR lost by exactly one run).
  • Over/under bets: Also called “totals bets,” over/under bets on Reds games try to predict the combined run total between Cincinnati and their opponent, without regard for which team wins. As an example, if a sportsbook listed the over/under at 8.5 runs and you took the over, your bet would pay out whether Cincinnati won 9-0 or their opponent won 5-4, as long as the combined total was at least nine runs.
  • Props: Props have recently exploded in popularity due to same game parlays (another bet type we won’t discuss here), but they can be played as their own unique wagers as well. Short for “proposition bets,” props can be built around individual players or the team as a whole. For example, you may find props for Ella de la Cruz’s total number of bases for the game, Jonathan India to hit a home run, Hunter Greene’s strikeout total, or whether the Reds will score a run in the first inning.

How to watch or stream the Cincinnati Reds in Ohio

If you live in Ohio, you can watch Cincinnati Reds games on Bally Sports Ohio or stream them through the Bally Sports app. However, some games may be exclusively on ESPN, TNT, or MLB Network. YouTube TV, ESPN+, and Hulu + Live may be subject to blackouts unless you’re watching from out of state.

Yes, the Cincinnati Reds have an official sports betting partnership with BetMGM Ohio, which was signed in October 2022. BetMGM operates a retail sportsbook at Great American Ball Park, where the Reds play their home games; this is the second sportsbook at an MLB stadium.

Cincinnati Reds home stadium

The Cincinnati Reds proudly call Great American Ball Park their home stadium. Opened in 2003 to replace Riverfront Stadium (also known as Cinergy Field), the park is located along the banks of the Ohio River. It is within walking distance of Paycor Stadium (home of the Cincinnati Bengals), and the Heritage Bank Center (home of the Cincinnati Cyclones), as well as many downtown offices, bars, and restaurants.

Buying tickets to see the Cincinnati Reds play

Single-game tickets to see the Cincinnati Reds play can be purchased through Ticketmaster, but you may also be able to get them through a resale site like VividSeats, StubHub, or SeatGeek. You can also look into setting up a season ticket plan through the Reds ticket office. Packages include 13-game, 20-game, weekday, weekend, half-season, and full-season options.

Yes, it is legal to bet on the Cincinnati Reds in Ohio. State law permits gambling through legal, licensed sports betting operators, with the first sportsbooks launching in Ohio on January 1, 2023.

History of the Cincinnati Reds

From the glorious highs of World Series wins to the undeniable lows of baseball scandals, the history of the Cincinnati Reds is fascinating as new chapters are added with each new season. Here are some of the important moments to know.

  • 1869: The Cincinnati Red Stockings become the first all-professional baseball team.
  • 1876: Cincinnati becomes a charter member of the National League, joining the Athletic Club of Philadelphia, the Boston Red Stockings/Red Caps, Chicago White Stockings, Hartford Dark Blues, Louisville Colonels/Grays, Mutual Club of New York, and the St. Louis Brown Stockings.
  • 1880: Cincinnati is expelled from the National League for being the only team that refused to prohibit beer sales and Sunday baseball.
  • 1889: After years of independent ball and a stint in the American Association, Cincinnati rejoined the National League.
  • 1890: Cincinnati shortens the team name to the “Reds.”
  • 1912: The Reds move to Redland Field (renamed Crosley Field in 1934). The iconic ballpark was consistently one of the smallest fields in the league, with no bleacher seating in left field or centerfield.
  • 1919: Cincinnati wins the World Series over the heavily-favored Chicago White Sox. The championship would be tainted by the “Black Sox Scandal,” in which Chicago players were alleged to have taken bribes to throw the series. While no players were found in the wrong, eight members of the White Sox received lifetime bans from Major League Baseball as a result.
  • 1935: Crosley Field hosts the first night game in MLB history. President Franklin D. Roosevelt pushed a button at the White House to “turn on the lights” at the stadium as the Reds defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1.
  • 1940: Cincinnati wins its second World Series crown, beating the Detroit Tigers in seven games.
  • 1953: Over fears of Communism, the team announces its preference to be called the “Redlegs.” This name stuck until 1958, when the team went back to the “Reds” moniker.
  • 1964: With ownership threatening to move the team, the Rosie Reds fan club organizes an effort to keep the team in Cincinnati. The Rosie Reds are still around today and are MLB’s oldest official fan club.
  • 1967: The Reds avoid a move to San Diego as the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County agree to fund the construction of a new stadium with an agreement that the team would stay in town for at least the next 30 years.
  • 1970: The Reds play their final game at Crosley Field, defeating the San Francisco Giants 5-4. The team then moved into Riverfront Park (later Cinergy Field and now the Great American Ball Park). This would also be the first year of the “Big Red Machine” era, with the Reds advancing to the World Series but losing to the Baltimore Orioles.
  • 1972: Cincinnati makes another World Series appearance but comes up short as the Oakland Athletics win the series in seven games.
  • 1975: Spurred on by an outstanding lineup of stars, including Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Dave Concepción, César Gerónimo, Ken Griffey, Joe Morgan, and Tony Pérez, Cincinnati beats the Boston Red Sox in seven games to win the World Series. In 2003, ESPN ranked this series as the second-best World Series of all-time, only behind the 1991 World Series between the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves.
  • 1976: The Reds go back-to-back, sweeping the New York Yankees in the World Series to claim their fourth championship.
  • 1978: Pete Rose puts together baseball’s second-longest hitting streak at 44 games, with Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game streak still one of the hardest records to break. He would also record his 3,000th career hit this year. Following the season, Rose would leave the team to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies in free agency.
  • 1984: After stints with Philadelphia and the Montreal Expos, Pete Rose returns to Cincinnati.
  • 1985: Pete Rose becomes baseball’s all-time hits leader with his 4,192nd hit.
  • 1986: Pete Rose retires as a player and becomes the Reds’ manager.
  • 1989: Amid allegations of placing bets on the Reds, Pete Rose is investigated by Commissioner Peter Ueberroth and National League President Bart Giamatti. Rose admitted to betting on basketball, football, and horse racing but denied ever betting on baseball. As a result of the investigation, Rose was placed on the permanent ban list with the option to apply for reinstatement after one year. Rose has applied for reinstatement several times and under several commissioners but those applications have been denied, keeping Rose from a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2004, Rose admitted to betting on baseball but only while he was a manager and only on the Reds to win.
  • 1990: Cincinnati wins its fifth World Series, sweeping the Oakland Athletics in four games.
  • 2000: Despite being named National League Manager of the Year and finishing the season with an 85-77 record, manager Jack McKeon is fired. It would take 10 more seasons before the Reds finished with a winning record again.
  • 2003: Great American Ball Park replaces Cinergy Field as the Reds’ home stadium.
  • 2004: Reds outfielder Ken Griffey Jr joins the 500 Home Run Club.
  • 2020: In a season shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reds make their first playoff appearance since 2013.


How important are player injuries and trades in Cincinnati Reds betting?

Player injuries and trades can have a major impact on Cincinnati Reds betting, especially if it means a star player is out of the lineup. You should always check the injury report before betting on a baseball game.

Can I bet on Cincinnati Reds games live?

Yes, you can live bet on Cincinnati Reds games using Ohio sports betting sites and mobile apps. In-play betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on baseball, as the game’s pacing allows for ample opportunities to catch a favorable line.

What are the historical trends in betting on the Cincinnati Reds?

During the 2023 season, the Cincinnati Reds were a profitable pick on the moneyline and run line, with SportsbookScout.com reporting a 16.93 unit profit on moneyline bets and a 20.53 unit profit on spread bets. However, bets on both the over and under saw negative unit scores (-7.90 units on over wagers, -0.32 units on unders bets).

How does weather impact Cincinnati Reds games and betting odds?

Due to the ballpark's location in the Ohio River Valley, weather doesn’t play as big of a factor for Cincinnati Reds home games as it does at other ballparks. However, the potential for rain typically leads to slightly lower expected batting totals and lower run production, while strong winds can impact the way the ball carries. Temperatures tend to fall around the middle of the league as well.

Where can I find reliable statistics for Cincinnati Reds betting analysis?

You can find reliable statistics for Cincinnati Reds betting analysis on websites like SportsbookScout.com, BestOdds.com, and USA Today Sportsbook Wire. We also recommend checking with sites like Baseball Reference and MLB.com.