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How to bet on futures

Future bets are betting markets aimed at how an individual or team will perform during the course of a tournament or sports season. In this guide you will learn how to bet on futures in Ohio.

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What are future bets?

Future bets are wagers involving how a player or team performs over a season or special events such as a golf or tennis tournament.

There are three types of future bets we will discuss in this guide for Ohio sports bettors, and they are;

  • Team Futures
  • Individual Futures
  • Exotic Futures

How to read futures odds

Future odds are similar to the odds an Ohio bettor sees for the more traditional betting markets. A minus usually accompanies the Favorite (-), and the underdog is typically denoted by a plus (+) sign. An example would be the Odds of winning Super Bowl LVIII.


What are team future bets?

Team future bets are markets over how a team will perform over an extended period of time, such as a season or special tournament like the NCAA College World Series. The odds of winning the NCAA College World Series look like this.

World Series
The greater the number, the less likely that team is to win the College World Series. An Ohio bettor choosing LSU +500 to win the College World Series understands a +500 wager has an implied probability or chance of winning of 16.67%. Implied probability calculators are widely available and a must-have for any serious Buckeye State sports bettor.

What are individual future bets?

Individual future bets are markets based on how an individual player will perform over the course of a season or special event such as the Wimbledon Championships. The odds for the NL MVP are on the board and look like this.

National League MVP 2023
An Ohio bettor wishing to stake Mookie Betts to win the NL MVP understands a $100 wager would pay $950 on a winning ticket, but the implied probability of this bet winning is 9.52%.

What are exotic futures?

Exotic future bets are wagers made on events such as the 2024 US Presidential Election and work the same way as all future markets. The odds of winning the 2024 US Presidential Election are as follows.

The 2024 Election Odds

How do future bets payout?

Future bets are considered long-term investments, and winning tickets won’t be paid in Ohio until after the regular season has been completed.

How to wager on sports betting futures

No two future bets are the same, and our sports betting analyst Phil Naessens has some tips to help the Ohio bettor make wiser and more profitable future bets.

How to wager on NFL futures

The two main NFL future bets are team and individual.

NFL team futures

The most important thing to consider when betting on NFL futures is a team's strength of schedule. Once the schedule is out, the Ohio sports bettor should consider the following when researching an NFL team's future bet.

  • Coaching changes (Head Coach, Defensive and Offensive Coordinators)
  • Player changes (Departing and new arriving players from the previous season)
  • Changes to personnel of division rivals

NFL individual futures

The Ohio sports bettor will want to consider the following when researching an NFL individual future bet, such as MVP.

  • Changes to the offensive line
  • Any coaching changes or changes to offensive personnel, such as a top-flight receiver joining the Cleveland Browns and QB Deshaun Watson.
  • The contract status of the individual player. A player in the last year of a contract or a rookie seeking a second contract might be more motivated to have a great year than someone on the 1st of a five-year deal.

How to wager on NBA futures

Like the NFL, the NBA has two main future markets–team and individual awards.

NBA team futures

Ohio gamblers should consider the following tips before making an NBA team futures wager.

  • Important changes to the team roster
  • Strength of schedule
  • Any preseason trade rumors could affect how a team finishes the season.
  • Is the team “tanking” for a top draft choice, or could the team decide to rebuild mid-season?

NBA individual futures

Buckeye State sports bettors will want to consider the following before making an NBA individual future bet.

  • Roster changes involving a key offensive player or the departure of a top playmaker from the prior season.
  • Contract status
  • Could the player either be traded away or ask to be traded

How to wager on MLB futures

Ohio residents can wager on the team and individual MLB future betting markets.

MLB team futures

Ohio sports bettors hoping to bet successfully on MLB team futures should consider the following.

  • Contract situation of the current roster
  • Offseason moves by division rivals
  • Players returning from lengthy injuries

MLB individual futures

Residents should consider the following advice for MLB betting in Ohio on future wagers on individual player seasons such as MVP, Cy Young Award, and many others.

  • Contract situation of an individual player
  • Trade rumors matter with individual players.
  • Change in the lineup due to offseason moves.

How to wager on NHL futures

Ohio residents can also wager on the team and individual NHL future betting markets.

NHL team futures betting

Please consider the following advice before making any NHL team or individual future wagers.

  • Key personnel changes affecting scoring lines
  • Any coaching changes
  • Backup goaltender and minor league goaltending replacements

NHL Individual Futures

Wise Ohio sports bettors consider the following criteria for NHL individual props.

  • Roster changes to the blue line will affect goaltenders contending for the Vezina Trophy
  • Contract information of player, as well as any trade rumors involving the player
  • Line shop for the best lines available.


Can I bet on the US Presidential Election in Ohio?

Yes, you can bet on the US Presidential election in Ohio.

Can I bet on the Academy Awards in Ohio?

No, you can’t bet on the Academy Awards in Ohio.